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Carry-on baggage

Carry-on baggage

We will specify the maximum dimensions and/or weight and/or quantity as well as the types of items that may be taken into the cabin as carry-on baggage. If any of the following apply to your carry-on baggage and items:

A. Exceeds the standard requirements for carry-on baggage and items as indicated below;

B. Cannot be stowed in a closed luggage compartment within the aircraft’s passenger cabin or under the seat in front of you;

C. Cannot be carried on for reasons relating to aviation safety.

Your carry-on baggage or items will be transferred to checked baggage at the time of departure or during boarding. Security checks on your baggage or items may need to be repeated in accordance with the relevant security regulations and airport requirements, meaning that your baggage or items may not be carried on the same flight.

We recommend that you allow plenty of time to check in your baggage at the check-in counter.

Fare class

Maximum baggage quantity

Maximum weight per piece of baggage

Dimensions for each piece of baggage

First Class

2 pieces

8 kg (17 lb.)

Each carry-on must not be more than 55 cm (22”) in length, 40 cm (16”) in width and 20 cm (8”) in height

Business Class

2 pieces

8 kg (17 lb.)

Super-Economy Class

1 piece

5 kg (11 lb.)

Economy Class

1 piece

5 kg (11 lb.)

II. In addition to the carry-on baggage above, each passenger may carry the following items free of charge:

1. All passengers except infants

A. One coat, shawl or blanket;

B. One umbrella or walking stick that complies with security check requirements for your flight at the point of departure (or transit location);

C. One pair of binoculars;

D. A reasonable quantity of reading material for use during the flight;

E. Cosmetic bags required during travel.

2 Passengers traveling with infants

A. Food and disposable diapers for use with the infant during the flight;

B. One portable, collapsible stroller may be brought into the cabin providing that its dimensions do not exceed 55 cm in length, 40 cm in width and 20 cm in height when folded. Strollers larger than this should be checked in.